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Be unprecedented in history and calculate the future with AI

With the help of its advanced Neural network Engine,

BokoCloud could match your data calculating requirement.

Contact us:contact@bokocloud.hk

High performance processor for blockchain data computing. In order to match the increasing computing requirement for more and more digital tokens, BokoCloud was developed with NAS and CDN technic. Compare with other NAS hardware, BokoCloud could safe 100% usage space .

High Efficiency, Big Dream

When the BokoCLoud is free from work, it could use the remained storage and broadband resource to do the big files network acceleration and full node deployment for other Baofeng software, third party CDN service or third party blockchain service.By sharing the storage and broadband resource, users could also earn bopocoin.

Core Value

Special Blockchain design for BopCoin

It could be reward through Bokocloud smart devices

BopoCoin will be used to developing the ecosystem and the products in this system.

As a member of blockchain industry, we have tried our best to lower the computing cost, the average cost per day is 2.5 degree.